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complaint1Do you think living in Phoenix Metropolitan is perfect? Hell no…. Don’t you have many complaints about your life? Don’t you feel like to complain?

Why not cry out rather than swallow what worries us Phoenix Metropolitan-dwellers? Why not contribute your frustration with professors, students, administrators, legislators, traffic jam, taxes etc. towards a powerful and pleasurable public complaint?

Students of JUS 394 at ASU invite you to collectively complain!!
Here are few complaints from the class, all students…(ASU professors, don’t you want to complain about your students???)

Lightrail doesn’t run enough, doesn’t go shopping, or to the airport.
ASU needs more parking. It should be free.
Tuition hikes
The whole freeway closes too often…
Lakes have no beach life, and we don’t have an ocean.
It takes forever for professors to email back…
Budget cut on education
The state cares more about prison than education

Yes, whoever you are, whatever you do, and whatever you feel, you’re welcome to complain!!!

The ASU Complaints Choir will consist of singers young and old, experienced or just curious. We will all sing together, so nobody needs to feel exposed. There are no special skills required. Check this blog later for final lyrics and melody, once we’re done in transforming all complaints into the song.

…for the most fun public complaining event in Phoenix Metropolitan….

Come join JUS 394 Cyber Politics COMPLAINT CHOIR

When: APRIL 30TH, 2009
Time: 12:15-12:45

… and don’t forget, get your complaints in the lyrics…. post them here in the comment box!!! thanks.

prof + t.a. + students of JUS394 Cyberpolitics


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